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Catalin MICU


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Catalin is a specialist in labor law, advising major domestic and international corporations on various legal issues. Catalin’s solid practice in this area includes employees’ transfers and personnel restructuring. Having thorough and solid knowledge of the Romanian corporate regulations, Catalin regularly advises European level companies in the field of agreements negotiation, implementation of sophisticated management organization systems and important business transfers. Catalin is also specialized in the energy area, having been involved in significant projects developed by relevant clients acting in various energy industries. He has provided a wide range of specialized legal assistance services, from counseling throughout the tendering process, assistance during negotiations and supervising the project implementation.



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Monica Strimbei is specialized in commercial, civil and administrative litigation including contract disputes, capital markets and share capital issues, shareholders’ disputes, real estate litigation including claims on restitution of nationalized properties and expropriation, incidents related to enforcement procedures.

Monica also focuses on insolvency law, banking and finance law, especially in the field of debt recovery procedures, warranties and credit contracts.


E-mail: Valentin.Moroeanu@ZRP.RO

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Valentin Moroeanu is a specialist in civil lawsuits and arbitration, advising major domestic and international corporations on various legal issues. Valentin’s solid practice in this area includes participation in negotiation and conciliation procedures. Having thorough and solid knowledge of the Romanian civil and commercial law, Valentin regularly advises European level companies in the field of agreements negotiation and important business transfers. Valentin regularly represents a substantial number of domestic or international corporations and also individuals in negotiations related to the prevention or to the termination of disputes. In addition, Valentin coordinated litigation projects with a large number of cases related to employment law matters, the enforcement procedure and also to real estate matters.


E-mail: Catalin.Gurita@ZRP.RO

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Catalin Gurita is specialized in commercial and civil litigation including contract disputes, capital market area, incidents related to enforcement procedure, share capital issues and shareholders dispute, real estate litigation including claims on restitution of nationalized properties and expropriation. Catalin’s other main specialization include insolvency and bankruptcy law, banking and finance law, where he gathered experience by advising in relation to a full spectrum of debt recovery procedures and banking services. Catalin drafts the appropriate procedural documents, elaborates case file strategies and accomplishes the analysis of legal conflicts in order to identify the most convenient solutions, represents the disputed interests of Romanian and foreign companies and banks as well as of Romanian and foreign individuals, in the Romanian court system and in the arbitration courts.


E-mail: Iuliana.Negoita@ZRP.RO

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Iuliana Negoita specializes in public procurement of goods, works and services, providing legal assistance either to the contracting authorities or to the economic operators participating in the tendering procedures in all the aspects related to the preparation of the awarding documentations or offers, requests for clarification, filing of the points of view and review procedures, as well as their endorsement in front of the competent authorities. Moreover, her expertise in Engineering, Construction and Industrial Projects / International Commercial Contracts includes a wide range of activities related to FIDIC contracts. Iuliana has experience also in Commercial / Corporate law, assisting in various projects of mergers & acquisitions, corporate governance and contracts. At the same time, Iuliana is constantly rendering assistance in the field of employment law regarding aspects concerning collective dismissal, agreements and negotiations with unions, employee reintegration procedures or agreements for termination of employment contracts.


E-mail: cosmin.cojocaru@ZRP.RO

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Cosmin Cojocaru has over ten-year experience in the legal field and is part of ZRP’s arbitration team, with outstanding expertise in the field of construction disputes, including disputes arising from failure to perform or improper performance of FIDIC contracts. Cosmin's work focuses also on civil and commercial disputes, including contract disputes, lawsuits related to the purchase and sale of companies, real estate disputes and incidents of foreclosure proceedings, administrative law, privatization of commercial companies and corporate law. Cosmin provides legal assistance and representation both at the stage prior to the initiation of the dispute, and in front of the ordinary courts or arbitration courts.


E-mail: ovidiu.serban@ZRP.RO

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For over 10 years a member of the Bucharest Bar and a member of the ZRP team for more than seven years, Ovidiu Serban specializes in tax law and civil law, including disputes between professionals. Ovidiu is part of the litigation team of the company and has acquired a wealth of practical experience over time as a result of active participation in some of the most important and diverse projects the company has provided legal assistance to its clients. Among these we mention tax disputes (VAT, excises, local taxes), civil disputes or arbitration ones deriving from the relations between professionals (construction contracts, electricity and natural gas contracts, commercial claims and debt recoveries) and also disputes derived from family relations and inheritance.